Any of the listed services can be provided in combination with any other service. All services cost $40 an hour. I can provide more detailed pricing estimates upon request.

Copy editing

I offer full copy editing services in Chicago, AP, or APA style. This includes correcting punctuation and spelling, standardizing capitalization, correcting any misplaced modifiers or dangling participles, and correcting any additional grammatical errors. I also offer copy editing for theses and dissertations, including correcting formatting errors and ensuring compliance with university guidelines.

Story editing

I can provide light to moderate story editing. At the lightest level, this includes suggesting changes in wording to make meaning clearer and removing confusing or unrelated text. For more involved editing, I will suggest needed rearrangement of book elements and help you develop any concepts that may need more work.

Book layout

I offer full interior book layout services. I can produce high-quality interior layouts that are ready for press, complete with front and back matter and any pictures you wish to include. I will help you avoid common layout mistakes and produce a beautiful, ready-for-print manuscript. This is an excellent option for those looking to self-publish.

Guided self publishing

For those looking to self-publish, I can help guide you through this process. This includes making recommendations about various printing and publishing options, helping you manage the upload and revision process, and making sure you get beautiful copies of your book in hand.

Ebook conversion

Whether you’re converting an existing book or publishing a new one, I can help you prepare your ebook for publication. This includes formatting pictures, creating a hyperlinked table of contents, and making sure your ebook meets production standards for publishing platforms. I can also help guide you through the upload process for Kindle Direct Publishing.

Blog post ghostwriting

I can produce search engine-optimized blog posts that will help your website get more traffic. These posts can be of various lengths and will be well-written, grammatically clean, and effortless on your part.

Social media marketing guidance

Do you have questions about how to run a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram campaign? Are you unsure about how tags work and why you should do a giveaway? I can help you sketch out a social media marketing strategy, get pages set up, link accounts, and learn to access and understand analytics.

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