Client Reviews

“Throughout the entire process Sinclair was very hands-on and dedicated to my book. It was as if I were her only author, although I know that that was not the case. She was always timely in getting back to me with my countless questions and concerns and never wavered in her enthusiasm. 

“It should be noted that my book is three hundred and eighty-eight pages long and consists of over five hundred cross references and footnotes. All of which had to be linked to their main topics in the e-book. This was a Herculean effort that Sinclair undertook with resulting success. 

“Throughout the publishing of the original book and the Kindle edition, Sinclair was very proactive. More often than not, she brought items to my attention and had already worked out the solution, but just wanted to keep me in the loop. 

“Working with her was an absolute pleasure, and I can attest that whatever your needs are, from editing to mark-up to proofing, that she will be more than qualified and up to the task to provide exemplary service.”

John Grantham, author of The World’s Hardest Music Trivia

“As a grandmother to 8, great-grandmother to 3, I wrote my biography set in the 20th century…the most dynamic century in human history. I wanted my grands and great-grands to know what it was like to be raised in the mid-20th century. It is a chatty book, where I hope my descendants will ‘hear my voice.’ 

“Sinclair was the perfect editor. She was professional and detailed in the punctuation and did a smashing job of editing. The book does sound like me… but her fine, detailed work is standing tall in the shadows. She was detail-oriented in a way I am not, and that I truly needed. Her encouraging words meant a great deal to me, because it was the first book I had really authored. It was not written to be academic, though I included many of the ‘movements’ of the 20th century and placed my family within them. It was simply meant to be read by those in my circle of family and friends. 

“Her background is extensive, and she is professional all the way through. Notice I wrote ‘detailed’ or ‘detail’ several times. That’s because she does an exceptional job. I have another book on the horizon, and I hope she will edit that one, too. She get my highest rating. A+”

Sandy Grisham, author of One Woman’s Journey in the Twentieth Century
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